A New Perspective to Petition Against Mission Bay Warriors Stadium

          I cannot express how stressed I am with San Francisco traffic, and I am speaking on behalf of visitors, tourists, and all folks who use San Francisco as their home.  The traffic here is ridiculous.  Because you probably don’t commute here on a regular basis, you don’t really face the pent up traffic-stress that we do.  Today is July 19, 2016.  Days are not bad when there are small concerts or conventions held at the AT&T ballpark.  On a daily basis, there is about a 3-mile stretch of traffic on Highway 280 entering King St, Mariposa, and 3rd St exits at 4pm.  On game days, there is no stable parking or any parking for UCSF staff (and surrounding companies that are currently located here).  I pay the cheapest price I can find ($170 per month for 6am-6pm Mon-Fri, but I cannot park in this private lot on Giant’s day games).  I typically relocate my car to an overflow parking lot (currently Lot B & E) and walk about half a mile to work, but NOW the Warriors stadium is going to be built on top of it.  The surrounding parking lots near Mission Bay and the building I work in (next to the AT&T ballpark) are all $30+/day on a regular basis, and up to $80 on game days.  Are you going to subsidize my parking?  I work for the healthcare service.  That means I need to be ON-TIME so that I can deliver accurate test results to our patients.  Imagine if I am late to work and I missed the 15 minute window where a patient could have been treated, but instead died because I was tardy trying to find parking.  If not in a paid parking lot, 2-hour or metered parking is the other option.  Let me tell you a true scenario.  I was late to work on a weekend.  There was a day game that day.  My parking lot was blocked off.  Their overflow parking was gated (this is the lot the Warriors stadium will be built on).  The two blocks of free parking were all occupied already at 7am.  And metered parking is only free on the 3 federal holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years).  That day was July 4th.  I drove around and around and got impatient because I am the one getting in trouble for tardiness (not you).  I decided to park in a 2-hr zone and stepped away from my work every 2 hours to move it.  Don’t even get me started about rightfully taking my breaks because I used that time to move my car.  Well, once the game started a bit after noon, there really was no where to move my car, so I move it half a foot forward to avoid getting ticketed.  Am I crazy, or are you responsible for making me crazy?  That means UCSF (SF’s 2nd largest employer) has a couple thousand people (visitors and employers) scurrying around to find parking on weekends, on nights during games, and during day games.  Also, there are countless “Special Event” meters in this neighborhood, which means any day there is an event at AT&T park, which is almost 75% of the time, the meter prices go up.  I want to know, is the Warriors stadium going to deem all the metered parking in their area “Special Event” metered parking, too?  Do I really have to ask?  Imagine the type of gridlock we are already in.  Do you see how unfair and impaired the system is?
          When I leave on Giant’s game days, after a hard day’s work, I honestly want to get out of San Francisco quickly and safely.  Because I park in the overflow parking lot, I will walk to my car (run if I want to beat the game crowds, buy rollerblades if I have to), and find myself in congested traffic.  Believe me, people incessantly honk each other because they are so frustrated.  I’ll quietly road-rage behind the wheel.  By that time, the city is so noisy, no one can hear me anyway  One block is always blocked on Mariposa which is where all the cars congregate to get on to the freeway.  Is this what they call an emergency lane?  In the opposite direction, it takes two hours to get from AT&T park to Berkeley by car, or simply to cross the Bay Bridge.  Just so you know, us healthcare workers have a routine here, and our operations are 24/7.  Our company has done its job to provide shuttles and self-sufficing vanpools.  But nothing beats having stable parking.  I’ve already depleted all my options.  I have even asked family to drive me to work, and they are burdened by game day traffic as well.  It’ll take me an hour and a half to get home compared to the usual half hour.  It is intolerable.
          Now you ask why I won’t take public transportation.  I ask you, do you even care about my livelihood?  Public transportation is not accessible and convenient for everyone.  In fact, I have to go out of my way to take public transportation.  Would sports team owners take public transportation to a game?  Don’t think so.  Not to mention, I have a life, too.  Time is of the essence.  When I leave work at 4pm, after a game has ended, the Caltrain line is unbelievably long (I want to say 2 blocks long filled with people, not cars).  SFMTA does their best to get game-goers out of the city as safe as possible, yet the rest of us doing our job in this area can’t even get out.  The proposed few emergency lanes for UCSF patients and employers definitely will not work.  If anyone is in a rush to get somewhere (let’s say a Warriors game), they will break any and all rules to get there, even if it means using the emergency lanes.  Will you stop them, and will stopping them cause congestion for incoming UCSF visitors and employees?  Will you be building another freeway exit, too?  Because, like I said before, there is already a 3-mile stretch of cars exiting those three exits named above.  We all know that 3-miles of freeway traffic really equates to 20mins, on a 65 MPH highway.  If UCSF visitors aren’t stuck in this freeway traffic, they will be from the Bay Bridge.  Let’s not just think about dots on a map.  Let’s look at the bigger picture.  You should try Google mapping this area on game days, non-game days, and make a better educated decision about where to put a new stadium.
          UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus is barely a year old.  We don’t even know the effects of having a hospital here, nevertheless having more large businesses here.  We have tolerated private companies wanting to bring economic diversity and more employers to Mission Bay.  I ask you, what is the good of working in San Francisco, even if I love my job, if I get so disgruntled by the traffic stress, noise, and preposterous policies surrounding where I can and cannot park, the long lines I have to stand in to get on to public transit, etc?  My health could be deterred by this, but I bet you don’t really care about preventative health maintenance.  What if someone had a stroke, can they be helicoptered in?  I see no safe way of getting to the hospital without being in a speeding ambulance.  Even then, will the ambulance get to the stroke patient in time?  What are the chances of getting to the hospital in time?  Are you going to haul the patient in on public transit?  Maybe I have a valid idea there.  These are critical aspects you must consider.  San Francisco Mission Bay is already so crowded.
          Don’t think that the Warriors stadium is the only structure being built in this area.  There are several apartment complexes on the rise, and slowly being filled by occupants.  Once these spaces are filled, we’ve densely stuffed this ant farm.  How will they afford to call this place home?  No one will want to live here when deprived of their personal space, unless your goal is just to rack in the money from tourists, techies, college students, and people of the like.  You can care less about those who actually live here, who actually serve a greater purpose to society, to saving lives.  How can we save lives if this is making us miserable?  A lot of us were born and raised here, only staying here to give back to the community and be with family.  In it’s own way, it’s almost as if I’m being evicted from my own space.

The Finesse of Fishing

A stick, a wire, a hook.  A sunhat on a lake.  “Isn’t fishing boring?” some would ask, baffled by anyone’s amusement of the sport.  “No, not at all!”  It’s about the little details.  Where are the fish?  How deep are they swimming?  Does it feed from the bottom, or the surface?  What time of day do they come out?  Do the babies nest here, or are we tracking for the big kahuna?  Is the current working for us, or against us?  Is the water too muggy today?  Are they attackers, nibblers, or do they behave differently?  Do they hide at a drop off, or do they like the shallow shore?  Are they lethargic when the sun is directly above the water?  “Is Golden Sweet Corn Kernels coated in Cherry Kool Aid powder really catching you those carp?”  Damn straight.  What, when, who, how, where are all conversations to be had when landing the desired fish.

Fishing is an intricate sport, and supported by a community of all ages.  Did you know that some fish can actually spot you from below?  Kid you not, the bright pink colors I wear may deter my chances of catching them.  But then again, the bright pink and white PowerBait (dough drenched in flavors like garlic) are similar to the food fed to trout from Mt. Lassen.  Does the fish spot your line?  The color may help you visually see the tension on your line, but the fish may be smart enough to stay away from it, too.  Is your test optimal for the weight of fish you’re aiming for?  Is your salt water reel OK to use in fresh water?  Are you using spinner bait, swimmer bait, Texas rigging, Whacky rigs, jigs?  Are we fishing with a bobber, or are we simply using brute human force with a rope and our bodies?  Are you trolling your bait at the back of your boat, or are you puppeteering a rubber worm to make it look like it’s dying right above the rocks and waiting for the fish to strike?  How much drag do you need to let out to prevent the line from snapping?  Are we tying a leader and weight to the end of the line to suspend our bait a certain distance from the bottom, and how far from the bottom?  Will you need to try adding odors or pigment to your bait.  Will you need to fish first for your own bait in order to lure in a monster fish?  These intricacies are what make fishing astoundingly interesting.  And the focus that is invested into watching and imagining underwater creatures bite or even bump into your bait, thus triggering a tap on your rod is exciting.  Feeling the little vibrations and learning to differentiate between algae, a rock, or a fish is trivial as well.  Fishing has its own ways of problem solving.  First, find the fish.  Second, figure out what they’re biting on.  Third, know how to lay low or  trigger a reaction bite.  Fourth, learn what mechanisms keep your fish hooked because some only tend to nibble (not bite), and some wiggle and fight and jump out of the water, spitting out the hook.  Always, make sure you are well-equipped.  And always, check that what’s behind you is clear, because you do not want to accidentally cast your purse into the water like I.  A Near  Miss!  Then, make sure you have a scale and camera to document your gains, and carry a pair of gloves like I do in case these fish have teeth!  You never know if you’re about to catch a piranha or northern pike or tarpon!  Rarely, but sometimes, be ready to duck, in the event that any object flies out at you. At the end of the day, the adrenaline from catching a fish, any fish, will make you coming back for more?  In its own way, it is therapeutic, and for many, self-sustaining.

So I tell all my girlfriends, “No, it’s actually really fun when you finally know what you’re doing!”  In the age of modern technology, it’s easy to ask why we don’t have a robot that would detect a tap on the rod, and have It pull the fish up for us.  It’s really not that simple because the current, algae, corals, or other fish may cause a motion in your rod.  The sport epitomizes the unspoken connection that still exists between human and Mother Nature.  There is no way to speak to the fish, nor know their exact feeding patterns in any given body of water.  It takes adapting, risk, and experience to finally figure a moment’s pattern that may change at any given chance.  I’m glad that we still have this to cherish among the busy, bustling world we live in today.  Fish on!





g the vibration of your rod bend

When to Snag a Clothing Deal

Anytime I find myself itching for a clothing deal, or just need to badly change my wardrobe for none other than work, I muster up my math skills.  As with most sales (usually the small, non-federal holidays, like Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day), these days are probably the best for shopping, since 1) not everyone knows about them, and therefore 2) stores don’t lose too much money from their sales.  And perfect to think that these holidays are either ringing out a passing season, or bringing in the new line for the next!

For example, this weekend is the BIG Columbus Day sale at several mainstream stores.  No one really plans to buy clothing during this time.  But, since fall just started, a lot of summer clothing is temporarily going out of style.  No one really has time off since the norm in America is to shop during Black Friday for HUGE (not-so-huge and limited) deals and Christmas for presents.  Merchandizers use their market strategies during these dire shopping holidays, and we conform to it.  Trust me, don’t fall for it!

So how do you go about snagging a clothing deal?  Like I said, there really is no planning for it.  I would do my research of the store online, look through their fashion, compare to other companies selling similar styles of comparable quality, see if the items sell in-store/online/both, if shipping is free and how much I’d have to buy for it to apply, if there is free mail or in-store returns, and if you’ll get cash back on a subsequent visit.  The benefit to qualifying for cash back is that you can accumulate lower priced items to make the cut, and then purchase your expensive items with the cash back coupon.  Usually cash back vouchers for subsequent visits will be limited to a certain time frame, require a minimum purchase of X-amount of $$, and the store may hike up their prices during that interval to protect their business earnings.  Of course, the cash back vouchers don’t need to be used, and you can choose to stop at the first sale, or keep going, but ask yourself if you’ll need the items for a following visit.  Always look for additional mark downs from clearance or sale items.  And I don’t give in to fashion if it simply doesn’t look good on me.  What’s the point of having an item discounted if I don’t ever use it?

Then I wait patiently.  Somehow a small holiday appears and stores begin using it as a reason for sales.  Next, you may want to visit the store (if possible) to try on their sizes, to see if they are in stock at the store, or maybe they’re out of stock online.  You’re also allowed to show them the online price if the store price does not match up.  But the one caveat is that some prices only apply to online purchases.  In that event, I’d advise trying on the item in-store and try to purchase it online, if shipping does not compensate for the money you’ll be saving.  Typically, the online store will allow you to fill up your checkout bag, and right before inputting your billing information, you should get a total price that includes tax and shipping.  Of course, if you have a discount code, use it!  Make the most of having fun while shopping.  Again, that may me another marketing ploy to have customers feel really good about saving, that it makes us discount happy and buying during every sale.  Watch out for this!  Sometimes prices are inflated and quality is compromised to deliver a good-sounding sales pitch.

Let’s take a look at today’s deals:

Store: Old Navy

Purchase:  In-store

Item Original Price Marked Down? Discounted to Additional Sale %
3/4 boxy print $29.94 No $17.96 40% off
Pleated mini skirt $26.94 Yes, $14.49 $10.14 30% off
Flwr V Nk Print $22.94 Yes, $11.49 $8.04 30% off
LS Seemed Vee $19.94 Yes, $6 n/a n/a
ODW Stripe Jer Scarf $12.94 Yes, $3.99 $0.33 At register

“Discounted to” is the price paid.

Notice that some items may already be marked down, some may have additional sale off the markdown, and some may be at original price but have a huge discounted sale %.  Then there are those rare occasions where an items isn’t marked down until shown on the register (ie, the striped scarf).  I thought that the scarf was going to be 30% off of $3.99, therefore about a $0.30 discount.  For that much cloth, it was worth it, even to recycle it for other uses.  However, at the register, the cashier informed me that they had forgotten to mark it down to $0.47, and with the additional 30% off, it came out to a whopping $0.33!  Now where can you get a deal like that?  Apparently, it happens 🙂

The Art of Apology

I’d spent several weeks bickering over small things in my relationship: to realize that no matter how detailed and neutral I was at justifying my actions, nothing could be resolved without an apology. I’d always been the girl with a hard shell and a wall up. It was natural for me to ball up my emotions in public, keep them hidden, and release them in my own safe haven. “Maybe apologizing is an American thing?” I conjured, “because we never apologize in my family,” and I come from a traditional Asian American family: the kind with a strict father, a houseworking mother, and two successful siblings both immune to distraught.

And so it goes, apology isn’t an American demeanor. It’s universal. When asked of friends “What’s the best way to apologize, in your experience?” Some say

– “With Foooood! and a nice heartfelt note.card”
– “to say you’re sorry and bring something to make up for it”
– “Really say sorry from the bottom of your heart!… Explain what I did wrong and say it won’t happen again / I won’t do it again…Being sincere is the best way, or be kind of cutesy.”

Desperately, and thanks to Google, I found articles about the importance of apology and realized that no matter how deep shit gets (or how slightly wrong you are), we’re going to need apology. In truth, nobody really likes to admit their at fault. It can even be a challenge to identify you’re at fault. Sometimes you have to really understand a person to know that you’ve hurt, unjured, or wronged them, and then own up to it, even though how you reacted may not have affected you to that great an extent.

I have a really hard time apologizing, especially to men. I had a horrible preconception from the strong, stoic men in my life that they can take any kind of beating, which they can! However, I still needed to treat them with respect if I am to expect it back. Imagine dealing with an emotional girl. You’d want to apologize because she is crying, and in public that can be humiliating. But a guy like my dad who is so stoic, it is hard to apologize to because you never know if you’ll get a positive or negative response. EIther way, it needs to be done.

Some tips for making a genuine apology:
When the mistake is identified, apologize immediately
Do not use “if” or “but”. Those itsy bitsy words leave doubt when admitting your fault and comes off as insincere.
Apologize, explain (state what you should / should not have done), feel remorse, offer reparation, ask for feedback
Don’t beat around the bush
Don’t justify your actions
Take full responsibility for your actions, even if you’ve felt wronged as well. Here’s to hoping that your counterpart will recognize their fault and apologize as well.
Do not expect forgiveness right away, or at all

I made simple templates to keep myself in check and rehearse in order to prevent backfiring off simple misunderstandings. I know this may be silly, but hear me out.

“I’m sorry. It was my fault for… when I shouldn’t have… I feel terrible. Let me…[Bandaid / clean your shirt / pay for your dinner / clean the next batch of dishes]”
“I’m really sorry though for upsetting you these past few weeks. I cherish our relationship a lot more than to throw it away because of the small silly things we’ve been through. I feel terrible every time we argue and I’m hoping we can start from a clean slate. I love you too much.”

As much as I want to portray this strong fascade, I also need to own up to my own faults and apologize when it’s appropriate. As my boss used to say, “It’s not about treating others the way you want to be treated anymore. It’s about treating others the way they want to be treated.”

The best relationships develop off understanding each other through apology. It is a continuous effort toward understanding each other’s wants and needs.

Restoring Stranger Connections

Restoring faith in humanity: stranger connections

We have choices: how do we wanna spend our most precious moments, and with whom? Do we hold on to those college buddies who have trekked the same rigorous academic journey we have or share a little part of yourself with complete strangers.

I always grew up skeptical about helping the homeless who sit all day on the streets begging for money. Easy job, right? I was told that some deserve to be out there, and some buy drugs with the free money given by passersby. But i thought about it. If anyone has to stand out there holding a sign, admitting failure, they must have had to let go of their pride and integrity, exposing themselves to the world how vulnerable they are. Vulnerability isn’t exactly something we instinctively display to the public. Look at Facebook. Look at Instagram. Everyone’s life tends to seem happy for the most part, or we rally through social media to help others in need (ie. To fund a funeral, or find a missing friend). But what about those not lucky enough to get a hold of social media, and have no friends and family to support them simply in feeding their family? I’ve given leftover food, oranges from the temple to a homeless that threw it back at me. I’ve given a straying teenage girl who asked for money one of my lunches for the week. As i drove away, i saw her give it to a teenage boy who sported a SJ Sharks t-shirt. How did he afford that? Did i just get duped? Most likely. I can’t be certain if they were impostors, especially with word that there are lots of fake homeless out there. I’ve also given away my buy-one-get-one free items from the grocery store and feel no loss since it was free for me!  Once, my coworker and I bought a pizza and asked a man if he wanted food. Two slices was no big deal. We were on a diet anyway. My friend once said, “if every person in the world gave a penny to a homeless.man, he would be a multi-millionaire!”

Every time I travel through the City, I’m inclined to throw a banana into the homeless’ little tent under the freeway for him to find when the sun comes out, or give a snack (given I have any with me) to this scrawny man who stands under the sun with dark burnt skin walking down the divider whenever the light turns red and not a single person I see has given a bit of help to him. Have we lost faith in humanity? Have we grown so cynical and been cheated so many times by our own politicians and community that we don’t muster up empathy to help people who are less fortunate than us?

I didn’t want to be an ass.  I realized how fortunate I am that spending a few dollars on a cup of Clam Chowder after a rainy morning and a large box of Captain Crunch Berry Cereal to give to the family standing outside the grocery store was better than nothing. I am in a really good place in my life, and destiny seems to have given me the love of my life, granted a lot of sacrifices have been made on both ends of our relationship. I am lucky! Giving to local folks who admittedly need help as written on their signs is totally different from donating to charity for those in need. When it comes to charity, we see a massive need, a controlled flux of monetary or service aid, and an established purpose. But when a family of four with a man holding a sign, his wife greeting you “hi”, their mere two year-old daughter poking at the phone booth, and their 7 year-old son who i didn’t notice initially sleeping in the baby seat, we tend to make our own judgments about the integrity of their word. They weren’t smelly and their clothes were not soiled. The sign says that he just lost his job, and he asks for help, hoping to help his family survive. I think that is enough of an impression for me to put down my cynical impression of them, with all critical judgments aside, and just have faith in trusting their word. The little girl exclaimed in excitement when she saw that colorful box with a cartoon captain on it. There was even the chance to win a prize, and I hope i gave them the winning box (even though I never win things from pure luck). I didn’t expect recognition for anything, not like the recent Ice Bucket Challenge. Perhaps my actions (however simple) will lessen the Butterfly Effect. If this family starves, they may start robbing stores, eventually raising their kids to do the same, and before we know it, immigrant Hispanic folk are burdened by the same passing judgment that they cross the borders for the wrong reasons (I do think this family was of some Latin background, Columbia maybe, but their nationality could be easily mistaken). There are instances where poverty drives crime and in turn generates negative perceptions of a targeted population. Sometimes i think we become so frugal because we want to accrue every dollar, since money has become correlated to power.

And this is not to say we should blame ourselves. It is mostly to do with the fundamentals and beliefs we’ve been cultured into by this capitalistic system we live in. I’m not suggesting that we change the system, just in little ways we can make big differences unknown to us, one family at a time.

H.I.M.Y.M Reverberation

Imagine Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother telling stories to his kids. This is like one of those times.


Kids, today was one of the loneliest.  Sam Smith was echoing through my earphone singing sad emo songs.  The sky is grey, and the solar storm is shooting beams of sun through the clouds in the horizon.  I’m running on a trail along the beach by myself while my family, uncle, and my sister’s +1 are out at dinner because after house-shopping they all forgot about me.  I peered at passersby with their companions, be it a dog, their S.O., family, or peers.  Even the birds flocked together.  I ran the beach twice.  I never run it twice.  Once for exercise, and another to blow off steam.  I started feeling sorry for myself.  I ran passed a homeless person, thinking that he and I have something in common.  We’re both lonely and needless to say I may be even lonelier than him.  Career success doesn’t equate to happiness.  Sometimes, but not always.

Within a span of a year, I not only lost my sister to her boyfriend, but my brother wouldn’t hang out with me without her.  Friends don’t really call to hang out because of conflicting schedules, and frankly I lost a little of myself in the whole act of fitting myself into a stable, benefited long-term career.  It wasn’t until this afternoon when my whole family left to dinner without me.  And get this, I engaged in conversation with my brother when I got home and sent a picture to my sister of her boyfriend’s car blocking our driveway.  Forgetting about the middle child, I like to think of it as a general mistake made by most parents who bear 3 kids.  For the second-born, it’s called Middle Child Syndrome, also known as the reliable, loyal, independent one who ventures out on their own probably because they’re use to being most neglected by their parents.  Lately it’s been rough, you’ve got to catch your parents when you can both sync your schedules for lunch, and even then your mom boasts about how she went with your brother and his girlfriend, or your sister and his boyfriend, to some irrelevant restaurant just for comparisons.  When you get home late from work or school, you already see food packaged for lunch or your sister’s boyfriend, even though you haven’t had any yet.  In a sense, my own parents were so involved in everybody else’s lives but their own kids’, that they’re oblivious that their kids are depressed or stealing or blogging about them at this very moment.  Now, kids, I want to be a parent who treats you kids with more love than I would treat your significant others, even though I get excited over strangers devouring my awesome cooking and may learn to love them, too.  I wouldn’t make you pay for your brother and his girlfriend while I went out of town unless maybe you like them & wanted to.  I wouldn’t force you to be nice to your sister’s boyfriend-soon-fiancé unless he is nice to you as well.  After all, he should put in effort to win the hearts of all the ladies in the family.

And secondly, I want to be a parent who listens.  Really listens.  Sometimes I will badger you by reading into your words and facial expressions, but that’s only to get a clue of what could potentially be going on before you can’t help it and your brain blows!  I’ll bug you from time to time, hoping that there will be a few random encounters where I actually hit the target and find you in a dreary state that needs picking up. That way, I can throw in subtle hints to let you know that I’m open to hear you out.  I’ll tell you short synopses to show you that I understand.  And other times I will give you ridiculous, one-worded, airy responses to get your mind off unnecessary things.  Since I know that half your chromosomes are mine, you’ll through discreet verbiage out there to lead to deeper conversation on topics that you want my opinion on, or simply want me to know about.  I want to be the respectable mother who nurtures their children into confiding in them, but also know my kids well enough that I have developed faith in their life choices.  You deserve it!  I wish my parents would have some faith in my life choices and confident that I’m doing thorough background checks and not blindly jumping from one job to another.  I won’t micro-manage your finances nor restrict you from pursuing new hobbies and partaking in different adventures, but I do want you to feel comfortable enough to come to me for guidance and I’ll teach you what I know.  I’ll give you the most well-rounded answer I can so that you can formulate your own beliefs.

Thirdly, your prized, monetary, and career successes don’t equate to happiness.  We’re going to find what makes you happy, genuinely happy, and what helps you wind down and collect yourself in this fast-paced world.

Fourth, I’m going to keep up-to-date with modern human behavior.  That means I’m going to be a hip mom.  Not that I’m not already cool :), and I might not even enjoy knowing about what you youngsters are up to, but to get a sense of what pressures and stress boggles your general age group in real-time would definitely help.  I’m going to be involved and be physically active because I know you’ll think I’m that cool that you’ll be inclined to tag along ;).  If you ever want to go to the beach, or on a hike, or bike riding through the woods, I’m there!  I won’t let you sulk in your own depression alone while you’re doing all those activities alone.  I’m going to shrink the gap between our generations because being mom and daughter, or mom and son are tough enough.  There are way too many obstacles and lemon drops falling on our heads anyway, so let’s be a team!

1st Exposure to Heavy Business

Blog Type = Opinion

Subject = Entrepreneurial Investments

Pets are no longer extensions to families for humans.  Pets have become companions with emotional attachments.  They are human replacements if you will.  Some people prefer having pets as companions over their own primate species.  Since the turn of the 21st century, pet owners in the US alone are spending more $ on their pets by the billions.  However, the lives of cats and dogs takes a dark, awful turn when old age causes kidney disease, atrophy, and in turn leads to anemia (organ oxygen deprivation because there is significantly less red blood cells) and eventually death.  Because the drug market for pets is much more relaxed than human pharma, Companion Biosciences is now in the process of building a new drug to help cats and dogs from dying from anemia.

I thought about it: why not work on slowing down the rate of kidney disease, or preventing at all costs?  Treating anemia doesn’t seem to circumvent other symptoms caused by a diseased kidney.  As my Project Management class proceeded, I had a few revelations.  Perhaps what pet owners need is a “here and now” drug.  After all, I’ve seen two friends with watch their beloved cats slowly suffer from kidney failure, and I had my fair share when my dog refused to eat, appeared weak and pale, and vomited until his guts turned out.  Since the FDA has little to no involvement in approving pet pharmaceuticals, drug development, implementation, and usage becomes available faster.  Not only would observing the effects of treating kidney disease with a newly discovered drug take longer, consumers may not buy into the drug if they did not see a predisposition of kidney disease in their companion pet in the first place.  So alas, the trick is to not only educate cat and dog owners on the death rate statistics and benefits of their drug, it is to generate enough desperation and fear for them to want the drug for their pet, which ultimately brings joy and comfort to their own well-being.  I know it sounds a little rash but our innate human behavior is inclined to consume pain-killers and not vitamins.  Not only would developing a drug to prevent kidney disease be a prolonged, arduous task, it IS just that:  PREVENTATIVE.  Preventing kidney disease would mean supplementing (like a vitamin) to avoid a health condition given that that life had a predisposition to a health condition in the first place.  Which brings me to my second point.

I would think that treating anemia only caters to a narrow population of pets.  Cats and dogs for one.  But they must also fit the criteria of being anemic.  Then a next step could be to develop a susceptibility test that measures how at risk an animal is to kidney disease.  In the marketing business, this would be a huge BINGO.